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Unicorn Droppings Bubble Bath

Unicorn Droppings Bubble Bath

Experience a fun bubbly bath with our bubble bath that bubbles and sparkles!  We use a fine cosmetic grade glitter purchased from another great etsy vendor.  We add bits of our bath bombs for a water softener and fragrance so there bubbles are fuller and fragrant! . Our colors wont stain your tub, we use just enough for pretty colors and no more. One unicorn droppings package is good for one bath.  Bubble bath is not meant for everyday use as any bubble bath can disrupt the body's natural PH. occasional use is fine, but there is only enough droppings to go around!

Empty contents into your bath for a fun, bubbly, glittery, fizzy experience.  Unicorns are magical beasties.  Their droppings have been harvested for decades and known by the magical creatures to create a unique and bubbly bath experience.

Unicorn Droppings bubble like a bubble bar and fizz's like a bath bomb!  Plus there's glitter!  

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