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Shaving Brush

Shaving Brush

We have two different brush styles.

#1 is an Artificial Badger fur brush with a black wooden handle. There is about 40% real Badger fur and has a BLEND of salt n pepper look about the brush.  This brush is considered a FIRM brush.

#2 is an Artificial Badger fur brush with a brown wooden handle. The Bristles are CREAM in color and this brush is considered a FIRM brush.

#3 is 100% BEST Badger Fur. The shaving brush has brown bristles with a brown wooden handle.  This brush has SOFT bristles.

Soft or Firm bristles is purely a personal preference,

NOTE: There will be some badger hair loss due to normal use.

USAGE: add a few drops of water to your Badger Shaving soap. Wet your brush and then use it to whip up some lathering bubbles, then apply it to your skin. The lathering foam is used to bring your facial hair upright to shave off. Shave. When you are done, leave the lid off to allow the soap to air dry, and replace the lid.

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