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After Poison Ivy Soap

After Poison Ivy Soap

Got the itch? 

Poison ivy is everywhere, it's hard to spot sometimes and now you can use our soap to make your itch calm down a bit.

We make our soap with Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Distilled water, pulverized oats, Jewelweed Essential Oil and Calendula Essential Oil.  There is a light sent of Oats. This bar is 4oz. 

Jewelweed is known as being an anti-inflammatory, and has been used to heal such illnesses as poison ivy rashes, nettle stings, hives, burns, and even the measles.

Usage - Wet the irritated area with water. You can either scrub directly with soap, but with heavy irritations, you can also lather the soap into your hands and then wash the area using just your hands. Rinse with water, then Soap the area a SECOND TIME, and rinse again. Wash as often as needed.

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