Horn Holster - Celtic & Norse Knots (5)

Horn Holster - Celtic & Norse Knots (5)

Got a Horn but no where to put it?  Our Horn Holster is just the thing you need. We offer 3 different Sizes, 3 Different Colors, and we do it.. just for you!

We use the best quality Leather available. They are Concaved shaped to fit  your horn, Large belt strap, hand riveted with copper rivets, we also add some wool felt to cover up the rivets so that it won't scratch up your horn.

Here are the 5 different styles in this listing:

Celtic Interwoven Triangle
Celtic Knot Round
Tree of Life
Thor's Hammer

Here are our sizes:

Small       top 8  1/2 inches  bottom 7 1/4 inches
Medium   top 9  1/2 inches  bottom 8 1/4 inches
Large       top 10 3/4 inches  bottom 9 1/2 inches
x-Large or greater (Custom order Request only)